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Why become a Dragonfly Affiliate for Snapdragon Home?

Because your success matters to us.

At Snapdragon Home we consider our Dragonfly affiliates as partners among our hand-selected sales team. We know what it takes to be successful in the social network arena. We provide the tools and support you need to be successful.

What makes the Snapdragon Home affiliate program different?

Bigger referral fees: 15% referral fees paid when a shopper uses your link and checks out.

Longer cookie duration: 30 days is the length of time your cookies remain cached.*

Quicker payouts: $1.00 minimum fee earned and we cut you a check ... and we do that weekly!!

Easy payment method: PayPal is used to pay you for fees earned.

Low one-time set-up fee: $10.00 gets your affiliate account set up, and no further fees are required as long as your account remains active.** 

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* Users can delete cookies by clearing their cache at any time. We work with you to ensure your referred links are honored. Read terms for details.
** Minimum referred sales volume over a 3-month period apply. Read terms for details.


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